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Operation video | Radiofrequency ablation of liver tumor under ultrasound: 


Operation video | Radiofrequency ablation of lung tumor under ultrasound: 


S-1500 radiofrequency generator was researched and developed in Silicon Valley, USA, and it was manufactured in China.


The high power and wide power range can be suitable for the treatment of different types and sizes of tumors.


It has the advantages of both power control mode and temperature control mode successfully, and which forms the distinctive characteristics of S-1500 dual-mode control. This kind of r generatorwith dual mode control at the same time in the market is not much, and it can meet the needs of doctors better.


It has the most complete parameters display (power, impedance, temperature, time) function in the market, which can facilitate doctors to evaluate the condition of the ablation according to the parameters during the operation.

Dual mode control—power control and temperature control
Provide more choices for doctors
High power and wide selection range of power
Suitable for the treatment of different types and sizes of tumors
Real time temperature, power and resistance feedback
Facilitate to monitor effectively the ablation process during the operation
Parameters can be adjusted at any time during the operation
Easy to operate, suitable for the ablation of tumors with irregular shapes
Intelligent identification protection device, automatically cut off the RF output when the wrong operation or equipment is not normal
Ensure the safety
Small size, light weight
The occupied operation space is small, and the installation and the movement are convenient.

Radiofrequency ablation treatment of substantial tumors

The RF output frequency

480 kHz (455-490kHz)

The output power

5-150Wincrement: 1W accuracy: ±10%

The temperature range

control: 50-120℃,increment: 1

Measurement: 15-124℃,increment: 1

Accuracy: ±3

The monitoring range of impedance

10 -500Ωthe maximum output power (±20%can be obtained when the impedance is 25 -150Ω.

The system control

the instrument will work only when the impedance range is greater than 10Ω and less than 500Ω.

Appearance and size

150×320×430 mm (height x width x depth)



The power supply parameters

single-phase AC 110-230V 50/60Hz280VA power input.

The display function

LED display and function setting, with real-time display function of temperature. Power, impedance; specific LED display of opening and error of RF

The connection

power line, foot switch, electrode connecting wire, loop connecting line

The system has intelligent identification and protection device, and it can cut off automatically the RF output when the doctor carries out the wrong operation or the equipment is not normal, so as to ensure the safety of the patient.

The control mode

it has two kinds of system operation modes, power control and temperature control, in the course of treatment.

1When operating in the “power control” mode, the operator needs to set the target time and power. The device will automatically keep the power within the setting time.

2When operating in the “temperature control” mode, the operator needs to set the maximum allowable output power, the target time and the target temperature, and the device will automatically adjust power output (within the maximum allowable value) in order to achieve and maintain the setting target temperature.


EU CE certification, CFDA certification in China

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